Business Operations

Linear Programming Topics

  Linear Programming Topics Linear programming is a quantitative analysis technique for optimizing an objective function given a set of constraints. As the name implies, the functions must be linear in order for linear programming techniques to be used.  ...

The Bullwhip Effect

The Bullwhip EffectAn unmanaged supply chain is not inherently stable. Views: 72

Make to Order

Make to Order Traditional production systems produce products and stock them as inventory until they are sold (make-to-stock). Views: 75

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management A supply chain is a network that includes vendors of raw materials, plants that transform those materials into useful products, and distribution centers to get those products to customers. Views: 67

Inventory Management

Inventory Management To minimize supply and demand imbalances in the supply chain, Views: 65

Quality and Productivity

Quality and ProductivityIntroduction All businesses have process flows in which a product is designed or manufactured or in which a service is rendered. Views: 70